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Here's  A Little Bit About Us!

Chi Alpha at WSU is a community of students who are dedicated to following Jesus. Although we have a Greek name we are not a sorority or a fraternity. Our name stands for Christ's Ambassadors because we want to be Christ's Ambassadors on WSU's campus. We meet regularly together to worship God, explore his word and grow together as a community. Wherever you are at in your relationship with God, whether you are just curious about him or have been walking with him for awhile you are welcome!

Monday Night    Meetings

We are so excited to be able to meet back in person this semester! We will be kicking off this semester with two BBQs at the Chi Alpha house on Campus St and will hopefully be able to meet on campus for our regular meetings! 

Stay tuned to find out where we will be meeting!

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Core Groups

Our Core Groups are Men's and Women's Bible studies that meet on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. During our time together we play games, eat food, study the Bible and pray for each other. If you're interested in joining a Core you can go to our Core Groups page and sign up now! 


Retreats will look a little differently this semester as we're still being cautious but we are so excited to say that we will be having some form of a retreat!

Stay tuned for more updates!