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What We Believe

Vision Statement

Chi Alpha@WSU is committed to making disciples who make disciples. We believe that our God is good & that he sent His son to earth in order to reunite us with him by paying the penalty for our rejection of His offer of relationship with Him. That rejection, first seen in Adam & Eve, & continued by humanity throughout history is what the Bible calls sin. The penalty for sin is separation from the God who created us & sin is also the cause of all the worlds problems: The great problems of war, hunger, poverty & slavery; as well as the more personal problems of fear, pride, jealousy, abuse, infidelity... the list could go on & on.


We also believe that God has asked & empowered those who believe that Jesus is who the bible says he is & want to follow him (often imperfectly) to make him known to those who are unaware of His desire for relationship. We have come to understand that the best way to do this is to be apart of communities that help us to know Jesus better & to live out what we believe to be His will for our lives, while taking responsibility for letting our words and our actions shine a light on the God we love & adore. So, we in Chi Alpha@WSU Anchor ourselves to Jesus by emphasizing what we call The 3 Anchors of Chi Alpha@WSU.

We will build a growing, passionate community on our campus that is radically obedient and devoted to Jesus. We accomplish this by emphasizing the 3 Anchors of Chi Alpha@WSU.

Our Three Anchors

Being "anchored" means having a solid foundation in Christ. When you're anchored, you can weather any storm. Everything we do in Chi Alpha relates to the anchors. You'll hear us talk about them often. 
Real Devotion Anchor.png

Real Devotion

We believe that the beginning point for living an Anchored life is developing a life of Real Devotion. Our God is a relational God, who delights in us and wants us to know him. We do this first & foremost by reading, meditating on, studying & praying His word, the Bible, but also through prayer, worship, sharing our faith & being involved in community. Real Devotion is about devoting ourselves to Jesus, not just reading the bible. In Chi alpha you will learn how to read & study the bible, pray & worship.

Real Community Anchor.png

Real Community

We believe that God designed humanity to live in community. The Lone Ranger lifestyle is neither biblical nor healthy. In Chi Alpha@WSU we have small groups of men or women called Cores whose purpose is to be a vital gathering for the purpose of sharing life, and growing closer to Jesus (whether you follow Him or not) in a context that is safe. In Core students have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, while being challenged to go deeper, spiritually, with God. As a way to enhance the Core experience we also have a Monday Night Meeting (MNM) designed to help us continue to grow together as part of the larger community of Chi Alpha@WSU.

Real Purpose Anchor.png

Real Purpose

We believe that ultimately we will each stand before the creator of the universe and give an account of our lives. No one can stand their for us. So it is each individuals responsibility to live out their faith personally. This means that pursuing REAL Devotion & REAL Community are up to you. We also believe that God has called each of us to the mission of making Christ known to everyone around us, and even those we haven't met yet. So, in Chi Alpha@WSU we provide opportunities for leadership & service in a variety of arena's including peer mentorship, domestic & overseas missions, social justice & community service.

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