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The CMiT at WSU is one of the new kids on the Chi Alpha CMiT block, but, we have a history of raising up Campus Missionaries who have ended up making Chi Alpha a career.  Our goal is to raise up leaders who will be challenged to grow in their understanding of calling/vocation as well as in their own faith, all in the context of Community.


Interns will be infused with the Chi Alpha Culture, experience rigorous training in theology, pastoral and biblical studies and practical ministry skills. Each intern will meet weekly with a veteran campus missionary, prepare and lead students on either a domestic or foreign missions trip, co-lead a small group of WSU students and be a part of weekly staff decisions that will lead Chi Alpha-WSU into the future.



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“My year as a CMiT at WSU could be described by every adjective in the book: awesome, challenging, inspiring, exhausting, valuable, teaching, life-changing- the list goes on and on! I had been a student leader in Chi Alpha but this was a chance for me to stake everything on God’s promise to take care of me as I entrusted him with this year of my life. My experience as a CMiT with the Chi Alpha staff and leading a core took my experience with God thus far and my CMiT studies and provided a real outlet to apply what I was learning to the real context of life. Wether or not I decide to become a minister as a career, this internship year was a great catalyst for beginning my life in the real world as an ambassador of Christ- understanding more of what that means and how to live it out in a relevant, meaningful, and tangible way.


I would recommend the CMiT program to anyone who is yearning to learn more about God's calling for each of us to “go and make disciples" and who is open to being stretched and grown as he makes you more into the person he created you to be."  ​​


Chi Alpha @ WSU

Intern Class 2013-2014

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